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We had quite a successful showing at Devon this year. Despite the early closing of the show entries eight Lipizzans made it into the class. (The class would have been 13) MALA set up an information stall that rivaled the spread of the large breeding barns. Gene brought a TV and the videos of the evaluation at Morven Park. This caught a lot of attention. We had Lipizzan items for sale, info and food. Three new members joined MALA at Devon.

The class was under the lights. I have to say it brought chills to me, to see the eight Lipizzans lined up under the lights waiting for the pinning. The announcer announced the age of Terry Aycock's horse Siglavy II Hope II over the loudspeaker and congratulated him for being there. There was a round of applause from the stands. How lucky we all were to see this noble gentlemen in the ring spreading goodwill for Lipizzans as the oldest horse showing at Devon this year.

Thank you to all of the owners who made the commitment to get their horses to Devon. Thank you to MALA members and others who helped make all go smoothly. – Judy

Class: 58 Lipizzan
(Entry; Horse; Sex; Foaled; Color; Owner; Sire; Dam; Dam's Sire; Breeder)
Champion 420; Favory VI Bellanna Stallion; 1998; G; Temple Lipizzans; Favory VI Brenna; Bellanna;

Reserve champion 47; Maestoso Deborah; Gelding; 1999; G; Mary Ellen Maddalena;
Maestoso Canada; 489 Deborah; 135 Siglavy II Belinda; Carrousel Farm

Third place 331; Bonamora; Mare; 1990; G; Carolyn Proeber; Pluto Bona II; Balmora; 106 Pluto III Platana; Carole Gauger

Fourth place 423; Casurina; Filly; 2002; G; Melanie and Tom Adams; Neapolitano IV Farica; Palmyra; Maestoso II Almerina; not listed

Fifth place 236; Fortuna; Mare; 1996; G; Karen Webb; Siglavy Patrizia; Birta;Conversano Reviga; Deborah Inzerillo

Sixth place 28; Siglavy II Hope; Gelding; 1976; G; Teresa L. Aycock; - Siglavy II Belinda; Hope; Pluto Ancona; Temple Farms

Seventh place 392; Conversano Juliana IV; Stallion; 1999; G; Kathy Krupa; Conversano Tropina; 78 Juliana; Maestro Sabrina; Susan Castle

Eighth place 332; Brentana; Filly; 2004; B; Carolyn Proeber; Conversano II Aloha II; Bonamora; Pluto Bona II; Carolyn Proeber