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Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association

2003 Events

Webshots Album

Dressage at Devon 2003
This is the First Annual Lipizzan Breed Class
sponsered by LFA and MALA!
Six Lipizzans entered under Judge MS Creswick.
1 - Ivana, owned by Carolyn Proeber  79.3%
2 - Malissa, owned by Ivy Goldstein  77.6%
3 - Maestoso Pallisadia, owned by Monica and Gene Mock  76.7%
4 - Maestoso Malissa, owned by Donna Canfield  75.1%
5 - Maestoso Deborah, owned by Mary Ellen Maddalena  73.2%
6 - Favory Ballestra ll, owned by Judy Honey  72.6%

     In 2003, MALA members participated in bringing Lipizzans to the public at the Horse World Expo, held at the Farm Show Complex at Harrisburg, PA.


Favory Ballestra II
2003 Harrisburg Horse Expo!
Debuting at the 2003 Horse World Expo was Judy and her horse "Shadow"! 
The in Hand experience - Long Lining Shadow as he is accepting cues from Judy through the Long lines. It looks like they are both having a great time too representing the Lipizzan breed at the Expo!
photo by Judy



Pluto II Balmora IV
2003 Horse World Expo!
Also Debuting at the Expo was this elegant stallion!
Presenting a beautiful mounted presentation on her stallion Pluto II Balmora IV is Nancy Madison showing off the beauty and versatility of the Lipizzan breed. Pluto earned the 2003 MALA Breed Ambassador Award.  Please read about this special stallion on MALA's Ambassador Page. photo by Lezlie Vinaccia