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Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association

2004 Events

Webshots Album

Carolyn Proeber with Bonamora and foal, Brenta
Devon 2004

Siglavy II Hope at Devon
"Marti" being braided by Holly Covey

Dressage at Devon 2004
Honoring a Special Lipizzan
This was the Second Annual Lipizzan Breed Class
sponsered by LFA and MALA!
8  Lipizzans participated with Judge Mr Christmann.
This year a Lipizzan was the oldest horse to participate
in the breed show.
Siglavy ll Hope (Marti) is 27 years old. Marti is a mature gentleman who illustrates the longgevity of the Lipizzan breed.
Devon announced his age over the loud speaker.
The crowd showed their appreciation for this remarkable horse.
We were honored to have Siglavy ll Hope in the Lipizzan class.
Marti also received MALA's Ambassador Award for 2004.
1 - Favory VI Bellanna, owned by Temple Farms  78.0%
2 - Maestoso Deborah, owned by Mary Ellen Maddalena  71.80%
3 - Bonamora, owned by Carolyn Proeber  70.90%
4 - Casurina, owned by Melanie Adams  70.10%
5 - Fortuna, owned by Karen Webb  69.40%
6 - Siglavy ll Hope, owned by Teresa Aycock,  66.80%
7 - Conversano Juliana IV, owned by Kathy Krupa  63.50%
8 - Brentana, owned by Carolyn Proeber  63.0%

Siglavy II Hope at Fair Hill 2004
"Marti" waiting patiently at the gate

Fair Hill Breed Show 2004
An interesting show experience and a gallant show of patience and character for our MALA Members and Lipizzans!
This year Fair Hill had 6 Lipizzans entered. Only 5 ended up showing. Fair Hill had to stop the show for 3 hours due to both ambulances leaving the show grounds with injured people. They stopped the show right as the first Lipizzan entered the class.

Three hours later all of the Handlers had left. the Breed Judges had left. The Lipizzan Class was judged by an under saddle dressage judge. It was a 90 + degree day and humid. All of the Lipizzan owners handled their own horses for the class.
When the show was over MALA received a letter from the assistant show organizer complementing how patient the Lipizzan horses and their owners were during the long, long delay. Well, I guess it was nothing compared to what the Lipizzans have endured all through history.
1 - Casurina, owned by Melanie Adams 70.0%
2 - Favory Ballestra, owned by Debbie Palmisano  66.5%
3 - Bonamora, owned by Carolyn Prober  65.65%
4 - Brentana, owned by Carolyn Prober  63.5%
5 - Siglavy ll Hope, owned by Teresa Aycock  62.62%