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Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association

2005 Events

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Dressage at Devon 2005
MALA was nicely represented at Devon this year.
This was the third annual Lipizzan class sponsered by the Lipizzan Federation of America and MALA.
Placings are as follows:
First and Championship - Tampa, owned by Bernadette Simonette,
Second - Maestoso Pallisadia, owned by Monica & Gene Mock,
Third - Casurina, owned by Melanie Adams,
Fourth - Pluto Matina, owned by Melanie Adams,
Fifth - Maestoso Cannissa XVI, owned by Jeannie Allen.
Congratulations to everyone who brought their beautiful horses!

Melanie Adam's lovely mare, Casurina

Gene Mocks Preparing Maestoso Pallisadia

Jeannie Allen's Maestoso Cannissa XVI
Handled by Jennifer Allen

Bernadette Simonetti with her beautiful mare,Tampa

Melanie Adams preparing her young stallion
Pluto Matina

Fair Hill Dressage and Sport Horse Breeding Show, held June 25-26, 2005 at Fair Hill Natural Resources Center, Elkton, MD.

The placings were as follows:

  • 1st: Tampa,Owner Bernadette Simonetti, handler Holly Covey
  • 2nd: Pluto Matina, Owner Melanie & Tom Adams, handler Christine Quilling
  • 3rd: (Tie)Casurina, Owner Melanie & Tom Adams, handler Christine Quilling
  • 3rd: (Tie) Maestoso Pallisadia, Owner Gene & Monica Mock, handler Klaus Albin
  • 5th: Maestoso Athena II 5th, Owner and handler Theresa Best
  • 6th: Favory Ballestra II, Owner Judy Honey, handler Holly Covey
  • 7th: Maestoso Canissa XVI 7th, Owner and handler Jennifer Allen

Fair Hill 2005 - First Place
Bernadette Simonetti's TAMPA

Fair Hill 2005 - Second Place
Melanie Adam's Pluto Matina

Fair Hill 2005 - Third Place (Tie)
Melanie Adam's Casurina

Fair Hill 2005 - Third Place (Tie)
Monica & Gene Mock's Maestoso Pallisadia

Fair Hill 2005 - Fifth Place
Theresa Best's Maestoso Athena II

Fair Hill 2005 - Sixth Place
Judy Honey's Favory Ballestra II

Fair Hill 2005 - Seventh Place
Jeannie Allen's Maestoso Canissa XVI