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Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association

2006 Events

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This was a fabulous year for our Lipizzans.  Of course, the Spanish Riding School of Vienna Tour made it especially wonderful!
On This Page:
 - April Dressage Clinic w/ Lita Hughes & Jean Paul Pare'
 - VADA/NOVA Summer Breed Show
 - Dressage at Devon
 - July Dressage Clinic w/ SRS Rider Harald Bauer
 - December MALA Annual Meeting and Lunging Demo
April 1st Our Clinic with Jean Paul Pare & Lita Hughes.
It was a cool day. As all the trailors pulled in. Everyone was excited about the days events. 
A little about our clinicians
 Jean-Paul Pare' is currently a trainer throughout Ontario and Quebeck. He Clinic's in Maryland & Virginia. He also has had several clinics in England.  He has studied with Master Nuno Oliveira,  Mr. M. Cochenet (a three day event national trainer, in France. Ecole National D' Equitation Du Cadre Noir in Saumur France. He also trained with Reitinstitut Egon Von Neindorff & Haidehof.
Lita Hughes has a life-long riding and training career, starting in childhood with Sally O’Connor, and has worked with Kirsty Karkow, Peter Kjellerup, Klaus Trawncowiekz, Sally Swift, Jean Paul Pere, Michael and Paula Kierkegard, John Winnette, Mary Flood. She is a certified Centered Riding Instructor and boards and teaches Dressage at her Ev’ry Last Scent Farm in White Hall, Maryland.
 I just want to thank everyone for coming up the clinic on Sat.  I think the clinic was absolutley incredible, ALOT was learned. Monica i am really sorry Egar didn't make it. Though I Hope you got a lot of information from talking with Lita.
There were 3 Lipizzans representing three of the lines, Neapolitano, Favory, & Pluto.
Rita's Stallion Stole the show and is just absolutly beautiful.
Shadow moved as he never had before and looked INCREDIBLE!!!
I finally got that beautiful balanced floaty trot with Cassie she had been holding out on giving. And she was round and on the bit doing it! (wish i had a pic of that)
There were 4 other horses there each also got individul lessons and a lot patience and grace was attended to each horse.  Lita Hughes and Jean Paul Pare' are both incredible instructors and I myself look forward to working with them a lot more.
Interested in riding or auditing in the clinic in April 2007 contact Melanie at
In July of 2006 Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association sponsored Spanish Riding schools rider Harald Bauer clinic Presented by the Maryland Dressage Association.

The following is a brief synopsis of the exciting three day clinic recently held at Renaissance Farm in Sparks, Maryland, sponsored by the Maryland Dressage Association.  Other sponsors included The Mill of Bel Air and Maryland Feed.  Door prizes were donated by the Mid-Atlantic Lipizzan Association.


Thursday morning, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet Harald Bauer of the Spanish Riding School at Baltimore-Washington airport.  This was Harald's first visit to the Maryland area, and, after a fourteen hour flight from Vienna, Austria, I thought he would be exhausted.  Not in the least!  Harald was filled with energy and enthusiasm and raring to go!


Each day of the clinic, Harald performed ten rides.  On Saturday and Sunday, there was a lecture, followed by a group discussion at the end of each the day.  The days were unbearably hot, with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees each day, but the enthusiasm was high, and every ride was booked, with no cancellations. Each day began at 8:00 AM, and ended around 5:30 PM, with each ride lasting approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the horse.  Auditors arrived early each morning with their pen and paper in hand ready to take notes.


The clinic included riders at all levels, from Introductory to Grand Prix.  It didn't matter what level the rider was in, Harald expressed enthusiasm, kindness and great patience with each and every rider.  Each time Harald rode, it was a thrill to watch, and an experience one will never forget.  Every part of his body was in tune with the horse, and the horse responded to him as well. 


You could hear Harald's commands: "play with him"; "let him go"; "move the bit"; "keep your hands deep"; or, "keep your hands still"; "put your body back"; "he must go forward", all common issues according to Harald.


In one of the articles relating to the clinic, it was stated that "Harold rode every stride from the ground with the rider."  This statement is very accurate, because Harald seemed to anticipate a rider's problem even before it became obvious to the rider.  It was truly fascinating to witness the steady improvement of each horse and rider under Harald’s tutelage.


All in all, the clinic was a great means of experiencing classical dressage.  It was also a reminder of the great deal of patience and ease necessary to obtain the “oneness” of rider and horse.  Also, no matter how experienced a rider you may be, there is always room for improvement.


Hopefully, Harald will be returning to the Baltimore area in 2007.  If you are interested in attending, or riding, in the 2007 clinic, please contact me, Melanie Adams, at, and I will be more than happy to forward information to you when it becomes available.




Holly Covey and "Jazz"
Doing a lunging demo at Annual Meeting

MALA Annual Meeting & Lunging Demo
December 2006
Our annual meeting was held at Irish Tulip Farm.  Holly Covey and her horse, Jazz, a 5 year old TB mare, did a lunging demonstration for the MALA members.  Holly also talked about starting the young horse.

Holly Covey and "Jazz"
Doing a lunging demo at Annual Meeting

Vada/Nova Summer breed show sponsered by MALA member Kathleen Donnelly for show info you can go to Thank You Kathleen !
1st and winner of the Cool Max saddel pad:
 Pluto Matina "Frodo," Owner
Melanie Adams, Breeder Kitty Sales
2nd: Aloka, Owner & Breeder Kathleen Donnelly
3rd: Favory Ballestra, Owner Debbie Palmisano
4th: Tokata "Katie", Owner & Breeder Kathleen Donnelly

Judge: Janine Malone

I don't have all the exact scores, but Frodo was 70%+,
Aloka 68.1%, Tokata 64.7%.
In open classes Aloka and Tokata scored both higher and
lower, as did my TB filly. It's a good experience for the youngsters and a chance for us to get together and see how our Lips are developing. Still, we do need Lipizzan judges; I look forward to that day.

Unfortunatly Fair Hill Lipizzan class had to be cancelled this year.
Please to help promote our lovley lipizzan breed bring your Lipizzan out and support the breed!
We need to promote our breed. After all there is less than 4000 in the world. So come on. Also, Its great to meet and hang out with other memebers too. Come on out to the shows! If you are nervous and need help. well we are here just ask we will help you! 
Dressage at Devon 2006!
2006 Dressage at Devon Winners are:
First - Maestoso II Odetta II, with a score of 74% Wild is owned by Maribeth & Randy Wells, bred by White Horse Vale

Second - Maestoso Pallisadia, with a score of 67.7% Egar owned by Monica and Gene Mock, bred by Danby Hill farm
Third - Favory Ballestra II, with a score of 66.6% Shadow is owned by Judy Honey
Fourth- Pluto Matina, with a score of 65.7% Frodo is owned by Melanie & Tom Adams


Devon 2006 Lipizzan Class