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Mid Atlantic Lipizzan Association

2007 Events

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 - Dressage at Devon
 - Lipizzan Symposium at Tempel Farm
 - Fair Hill Breed Show
 - April Dressage Clinic

USDF Dressage at Devon

September 2007

      THANK YOU  to all that came to Dressage at Devon to help support the Lipizzans this year. It was the largest showing of Lipizzans ever to represent our breed at Dressage at Devon. Lynn Schaeffer came down from New England to present coolers that were sponsored by the Lipizzan Federation of America. Seven Lipizzans came out this year. They not only showed in the Lipizzan class but showed in several other in hand and under saddle classes. And did well!

      In class #6 Three year old Colts & Geldings, Judged by Hilda Gurney. This was a class of 17 horses, Pluto Matina Placed 8th with a score of 74.6% and Neapolitano Millflora did wonderful with a score of 68.3%. By the way this was his first show ever! Great job, Miles.

      In Class # 15 Four year old and older Stallions judged by Van Deak. There was the bay stallion Neapolitano Pepita who received a score of 68.75% .

      In class #16 Four year and older stallions under saddle judged by Verbeek Von-Rooy Four Year & Older Stallions, you seen the beautiful Favory Verona II who received 9th place with a score of 70.25%.

      Favory Verona II was also in Class # 27 Four and older stallions under saddle also Judged by Verbeek Von- Rooy and placed 7th in that class.

      In addition he received 8th in Class #39 5/4 year old Stallions /Geldings, also under the same judge.

      All throughout Devon you can feel the excitement in the air. Doesn’t matter whether you are a spectator in the stands or out there showing your horse as you become a part of our family, helping each other and getting ready for the classes. The Lipizzan class though is where this breed shines. You know its not easy being a youngster and in the Dixon Oval!  It can be a little intimidating with people and horses all around, clapping and cheering, papers flying, not to mention all of the lights. Being apart of it really is an experience of a lifetime. Needless to say that there were times that the airs above the ground were really evident. Even so, the entire experience of Dressage at Devon for 2007 was very inspirational for the future of our Lipizzans.

Lipizzans are still alive and kicking!

In class #57 Lipizzaner IBC

The 2007 Lipizzan Dressage at Devon Class:

1st Pluto Sabella 73.5% Lorre Allen, Owner

2nd Neapolitano Pepita 69.199% Carolyn Prober, Owner

3rd Neapolitano Milleflora 68.9% Judy Honey, Owner

4th Favory Verona II 68.5% Eileen Johnston , Owner

5th Pluto Matina 66.9% Melanie Adams, Owner

6th Neapolitano Famosa I 65.4% Dian Reeser, Owner

7th Tampa 62.599% Bernadette Simonetti, Owner

Congratulations to Everyone!

After the class the Lipizzan barn was filled with visitors. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and helped support our breed. It is nice being apart of the Lipizzan Family.

“We have had a great representation of our breed this year, which is very inspirational for the future of our Lipizzans. Lipizzans are still alive and kicking. You are our inspiration."

~Melanie Adams 


September 7-9 - Lipizzan Symposium at Tempel Lipizzans
 - By Melanie Adams
Saturday - Today , I returned from the symposium at the Beautiful Tempel Farms. Since I originally missed my flight, traffic in Baltimore was jam packed and bumper to bumper even at 6:00 am in the morning. 
Normally to get to BWI Airport it takes 45 min. Well it took me 2 hrs! My plane was due for take off at 7:26 . I arrived at the airport at 7:05 thus missing my airplane because check in closed a half our prior to take off. Since I didn't think this was a good sign,  I really wasn't to sure how things were going to go. But they got me on the PM flight and off to Tempel I went. I arrived at the airport and a friend of mine met me there. Shannon is also in MALA. She is incredibly patient and understanding, a great friend . Especially considering she had to return back to the airport - a forty five min. drive from the hotel to pick me up because of the miss hap.
The Next day when we arrived at Tempel we pulled into the 7,000+ acres of  green hills and grassy fields. The farm is surrounded by 3 rail white wood fencing. The air was crisp and cool. The trees were bright green and dancing. The day started with Check-in at the  guest house.
Following with a Lipizzan feature of the Director of training Jochen Hippenstiel  in the indoor arena . Jochen demonstrated with several Lipizzans .  The stallions that were exhibited  ranged in ages between 4 & 10. It was very windy outside and you could hear the wind outside as it blew past the indoor. All of the horses behaved very well considering. Jochen explained how they slowly start the youngsters at the age of  three and a half and how they just let them get use to their rider and saddle and then slow back down, letting them develop. They do not push them. They just build their muscles. And slowly "working" them until age 5 or so (depending on their muscle development) . He worked these horses in the long reins. In some of the older horses he explained as he worked in the piaffe they do not "force it" they develop it slowly so that the horse performs it more natural way. In the piaffe's we saw the horses did not rush or even push forward . Some were weak and some where stronger but all were willing and in tune with Jochen's requests and all were rewarded as the treats were given after each effort.
After the training session we headed back up to the guest house for a Presentation by Dr. Justin Hayna on Embryo transfer.  This presentation really was informative as he went over the total embryo process of the recipient and donor. We discussed several ways and methods to use. Mr. Hayna advised us on how important it was to have the mares synchronized in their cycles. And how live and deceased donors maybe used. We also discussed embryo and semen shipping.  There were a few there that have had a really hard time in getting their mares pregnant. He highly recomends that if you are having a problem with the semen  or shiping etc. that a equitainer is used for shipping through fedex.  In addition, if you are experiencing problems to contact a equine breeding specialist in your area. They are a specialist for a reason and they can help you. After the presentation Tempel Farms provided us with a delicious lunch buffet. Then off to the tent for the ALBA meeting.
 ALBA, whose priorities is to preserve the lipizzan genetics. In the meeting they touched a little on the Lipizzans in Crotia that were stolen in 1991. This is still being ironed out but hopefully the lipizzans will returned to their rightful home. With in the next week there will be more visits to that farm and discussions. 
It was advised that Romania has 60 to 70 horses now in their studbook. Romania also has a lot of solid colored Lipizzaner's. Micro chipping - anyone that currently has their Lipizzans micro chipped it is recommended that you forward your Ein numbers to either LANA or USLR so that they are recorded in your horses file.
We discussed evaluations. I would like to some how get a east coast evaluation together. I know there are a few members that would like their horses to be evaluated. In order to do this i need responses from interested members. If you are interested in evaluations please contact me (Melanie) at I will work on reserving a place depending on demand. So please email me as soon as you can with your area and how many horses you will bring. 
We discussed Public Relations. As all of you are aware in the recent baroque issues of a few magazines there were not many Lipizzans mentioned. As a group and a rare breed we really need to reach out and get more "PR" on our Lipizzans. Understanding the advertising is quite expensive. Some of the recommendations that were made were: If you have something to say or your Lipizzan did well at a show etc. just send photo's and a blurb about it to maybe Dressage Today, Equiss ,Prim Media. The next time they maybe looking for a baroque horse they just might pull yours out of the file. Or other options are your local newspaper maybe introducing your farm or this incredible breed.  In the meeting it was all agreed that we need to advertise and promote more. If everyone just brings their guy out to 1 or two shows a year , or expeditions folks that's promotion!  
ALBA is all for the unification of the LFA !!! We are getting closer to one unification . It may take a little time but this will be the year we see results!
After the meeting we went on a stable and pasture tour and history of Tempel Lipizzans . As the explained the Tempel Lipizzans began in 1958 when the late Tempel and Esther Smith imported their first 20 Lipizzans from the Austrian stud farm in Piber and started what became the largest privately owned herd of Lipizzans in the world.  As we toured the stallion barn and looked at all wood black bared stalls the stallions standing quietly within them and along with the cobblestone isle. Paintings and pictures of past Lipizzaners.  Everything was pristine. Although you could still almost feel the magical history there. If only I could touch the walls to recapture it. It truly is a magical place and just heart warming to be there.
We then moved on to the field where the colts and geldings were ages one to three. There must of been about thirty or so of us we entered the field to find the horses in the far corner. When they finally noticed us the heard of humans coming at them . They started running around . It was so beautiful they circled us several times each time getting a little closer but keeping their distance. They looked like they were in the wild. Just breathtaking as you heard the sounds of their hoof beats. Jochen and Courtney were trying to tell us who was who but i think nevertheless we were all just capturing their beauty. 
After we visited the youngsters, off to the mare and foal field we went. The mare and foals had no complaints about our human heard coming to visit them they all came running to us. The foals were adorable! We were able to go visit with them and one filly followed me around the whole time and just stole my heart!  They didn't mind us petting them and giving them some good scratching.
At the end of the day we all went and got dinner on our own. Of course the restaurant of choice for most of us was the local Japanese restaurant. It was small but they accommodated us well and the food was outstanding! 
And this was just the first day - stay tuned for Saturday :)

2007 Fair Hill Breed Show Gang!

MALA is represented at Fair Hill.


On Saturday August 18, 2007  two Lipizzans participated in
the USDF breed show held at the Fair Hill Maryland show grounds.
Pluto Mattina (aka “Frodo”) owned by Melanie Adams and Maestoso
ll Odetta ll (aka “Wild”) owned by Maribeth Wells.
”Frodo” particpated in:

3 year old Colts and Geldings – Open Class – 68.6% and 2nd Place,
3 year old colts and geldings -open class - 68.6% and 2nd Place,
Championship Class,
Lipizzan Class - 70.4% and 1st Place.
”Wild” participated in:
4 Year Old + Stallion In Hand – Open Class – 64.75% and 2nd Place,

Lipizzan Class - 66.8% and 2nd Place.
It was a beautiful day for a horse show.  Afterwards we all went
to Northeast Maryland for a seafood dinner at "Woody's".

Lita Hughes & Jean Paul Pare' Dressage Clinic
On April 28, 2007, MALA sponsored a dressage clinic with Lita Hughes & Jean Paul Pare'.  It was well attended and a very successful day for all.
A little About the Clinicians:


Jean-Paul Pare' is currently a trainer throughout Ontario an d Quebeck. He Clinic's in Maryland & Virginia. He also has had several clinics in England.  He has studied with Master Nuno Oliveira,  Mr. M. Cochenet (a three day event national trainer, in France. Ecole National D' Equitation Du Cadre Noir in Saumur France. He also trained with Reitinstitut Egon Von Neindorff & Haidehof.


Lita Hughes has a life-long riding and training career, starting in childhood with Sally O’Connor, and has worked with Kirsty Karkow, Peter Kjellerup, Klaus Trawncowiekz, Sally Swift, Jean Paul Pare, Michael and Paula Kierkegaard, John Winnette, Mary Flood. She is a certified Centered Riding Instructor and boards and teaches Dressage at her Ev’ry Last Scent Farm in White Hall, Maryland.